‘As Long as We Both Shall Live’ by JoAnn Chaney

JoAnn Chaney’s latest novel puts a different twist on domestic suspense.

Husband and wife Matt and Marie go hiking when one of them falls off a cliff into a raging river. Spoiler alert: it’s the wife. Is she dead? Maybe. She wouldn’t be the first spouse of Matt’s to die. Two detectives, Spengler and Loren, aim to find out if Matt is a conniving killer or simply prone to losing wives prematurely. Subplots focus on the detectives’ histories without taking from the main action, making this novel a well-rendered mix of psychological thriller and procedural.

As Long As We Both Shall Live takes the demented marriage trope to a refreshing level. With multiple POV, the reader isn’t subjected to the overwrought navel-gazing that seems endemic to psychological suspense. Chaney does an excellent job of maintaining distinct voices for all of the POVs, and avoiding secondary character syndrome.

If you have a long daily commute like me, I recommend the audiobook version of As Long As We Both Shall Live.