‘The Infinite Blacktop’ by Sara Gran

blacktopThis isn’t a traditional mystery. Sara Gran’s The Infinite Blacktop is a dizzying ride into the tortured conscience of Claire DeWitt, “the world’s best private detective.” Having read neither of the previous DeWitt novels, I had no preconceived notions about the character, nor about the author, although her earlier work, Dope, is high on my to-be-read list.

Claire DeWitt is the most complex antiheroine I’ve read in a while. She’s smart, tough, and rough around the edges. Gran teases the reader with gritty, dream-like sequences of DeWitt’s saga: as a 15-year-old detective circa 1985; her quest to obtain an official private investigator license in the late 90s; and in 2011, her goal of identifying the person who has tried to kill her in Vegas, and why. The three narratives coalesce into a satisfying denouement.

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DeWitt’s musings about the search for truth, her descriptions of friends and foes, and the influence of French detective Jacques Silette are delivered in tight hardboiled style but with a modern perspective. The Infinite Blacktop is an ode to noir and its archetypes while it subverts expectations thereof. Brilliant.